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Turnaround  At SERYUS we are dedicated to the revival of urban communities through smart development and management.  

We identify under-performing or non-performing real estate assets and embark on the painstaking process of converting them into thriving ones.


Through RE-imagination we transform eyesores into success stories. Our intimate knowledge of intown Atlanta commercial and multi-family markets give us a comparative advantage and allows us to meet the market at the "sweet spot" between its current state and future trends. As a result, we help investors achieve substantial asset appreciation while minimizing risk.  


Since 2008 we have enjoyed an exceptional investment track record.  Our 'frontiersmen' approach to investment allows us to penetrate emerging markets that have been ignored or avoided where greater value exists.  We have completed extensive historic rehabilitation projects, used tax credits for additional equity attraction, and have contributed to rebuilding a network of community stakeholders in some of Atlanta's most under-served communities.

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